Mary Anne Rizzolo

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Consultant, National League for Nursing


Dr. Rizzolo's career has focused on exploring new technologies, determining how they can inform and educate nurses, operationalizing their cost-effective delivery, and disseminating their value for education and practice. While working for the AJN Company, she pioneered the development of screen-based simulations that won national and international awards, and created AJN Online, one of the first websites in the world offering continuing education, journal articles, and networking opportunities for nurses. While on staff at the National League for Nursing, she managed their professional development initiatives, worked with Dr. Pamela Jeffries on the original simulation research project and the SIRC development project, managed the authoring process for all of the ACE unfolding cases, spearheaded the project that explored the use of simulation for high stakes assessment and founded the Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators. She has served on many committees and advisory boards and delivered numerous national & international presentations. Dr. Rizzolo volunteers her time at the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. She served on the Board of Directors, on the SSH's Certification Committee from its inception, chaired the committee that developed the SSH Academy, and is currently vice chair of the Credentialing Commission. She was recently elected to the Board of the Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare. Dr. Rizzolo maintains an active consulting practice.