Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH)

Integrating Simulation into Healthcare Systems

Chad Epps, M.D., FSSH

Session Overview:

Simulation has long been an effective tool for teaching, education and research. More recently there has been a focus on using simulation to improve healthcare systems; this is referred to as systems integration. The Society for Simulation in Healthcare describes systems integration as:  

“The integration of simulation into institutional health care training and delivery systems. Simulation-based processes may include quality assessment mechanisms, thereby facilitating patient safety.  Simulation-based approaches can be effectively used to help evaluate organizational processes as well as individual and team performance.” 

Systems integration is crucial for any health care organization that strives to build highly reliable delivery systems (or subsystems) that deliver safe, effective, timely, patient-centered, efficient and equitable care. This session will review how health care simulation can be integrated into hospitals and health care systems and review one resource, created by the Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare, that may be helpful in this endeavor. 


  1. Define systems integration as it applies to healthcare simulation. 
  2. Identify ways in which healthcare simulation can be used integrated into hospitals and healthcare systems. 
  3. Identify online resources that may be utilized to improve systems issues, teamwork, and communication.