Fostering Patient Safety

30 minute Campaign to Promote Team Engagement

Pamela Jeffries

Carol Durham
Chad Epps
Lucas Huang
Mary Anne Rizzolo
Sarah Beebe

Session Overview:
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA annually.  To prevent errors and foster safe, quality patient care, healthcare team engagement needs to be promoted.  The Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH) will provide an overview and dialogue regarding the 30 minute weekly team engagement campaign, a global effort, that is being planned to launch this spring. The purpose of the 30 Minute Weekly Initiative is to elevate team engagement through patient stories and team discussion of clinical care.  This discussion will reflect on the clinical care and systems issues of the team engagement case. A panel will highlight how the campaign will be launched, the intention and outcomes of the pilot phase, and discuss the value of simulations and promotion of safe, quality patient environments through this endeavor. 

Panel members include Chad Epps (past president SSH and current GNSH president), Carol Durham (past INACSL president and former GNSH member), Mary Anne Rizzolo, GNSH member, Lucas Huang (co-founder of B-Line Medical), Sarah Beebe (simulationist and GW PhD student working on the campaign pilot assessment), and facilitator, Pam Jeffries (GNSH secretary and former SSH president). The panel will provide an initial "kick-off" to disseminate this 30-minute campaign that is important to promote team engagement with our healthcare teams.